I like words. I like Davids (Sedaris, Rakoff, Foster-Wallace). I like singers who sound British. I like Louis CK and Jon Stewart, so I like funny people who are incredibly smart. Yeah, I like cupcakes. But they’re really just a metaphor here. I’m a thirty-something American chickie living in London trying to suck the marrow out of life. Or at least trying to find a decent cup of tea. I like tea, too.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jai

    hi! stumbled upon your blog few days ago, and at this point I can’t quite remember how. though, i have this sneaky suspicion that it might have been something to do with your post “I Heart NY” and my search on the web for Milton Glaser. the tab has been open for a few days now, i’d saved it to read later, which i did. i read a few of your blog posts – 30×30, Thailand, The Navel – and quite enjoyed reading them for the honest, very human image it portrays of your journey through life – the desires, the doubts, the frustrations, the undying spirit, the small pleasures – it seems to have it all! you’re deeply in touch with yourself, and that comes through in your writing. happy 2012, and cheers to 31 x 31! it’d be great to connect. ahoy!

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