#9: England…er, Thailand: A Brief Coda

The 30×30 said go to England. Not Thailand.

I realize this is the second item swap on the 30×30, and there’s another on the way, and I’m never going to read 100 books by December, that was never actually possible. Part of me – the rigid part – wants to beat myself up over this.  I’m a little namby-pamby who can’t achieve the actual goals she sets for herself, and thus has to tweak her experiences to make it seem like she did.

I have a friend who told me his philosophy is basically (and I’m paraphrasing, I hope I don’t offend him): make plans knowing you’ll probably break them, or make plans even intending to break them. I think I’m just starting to understand what that means: intend to do something because even if you do something else, you’ll still have had an experience. If you don’t make any sort of concrete plan, chances are you won’t do anything but sit on your couch and think about what you might do sometime, somewhere, when you have the [time, money, right partner, right transportation, perfect set of circumstances].

I may be far from completing this list but I’ve lived with more intention this year than any year previously.  I’ve said yes to things I used to say no to because I’m trying to live more fully. Plan or no plan, I’m doing stuff. And it may take until I’m 60, but all 30 of these items will get done. Or they won’t, because I don’t need them to any more.  I change and it’s okay to let go of things as I do.

So, yes, I didn’t go to England. But I did travel. My intention was to get a new passport stamp, to see a part of the world that doesn’t go through a tunnel under a river where I don’t see anything.  The spirit if not the specifics of this list item was fulfilled. It surprised the heck out of me that I allowed it to happen this way, but I’m really glad I did.

And throughout the trip itself I let myself go with the flow. I had an outline of what I was going to do, I had ideas and goals and plans, and when something else came up…I went with it.  And it was always a more unique experience.  Sometimes almost too unique…

Anyway, I just want to say: thanks, friend.  Your philosophy guided me on this trip more than you’ll ever know – and I’m taking baby steps toward letting it guide how I approach life itself.  I appreciate the way you’ve inspired me. It was a really good trip. 🙂

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