30×30: The List

30×30:  30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30 (in no particular order)

1. Read at Mortified

2. Sing karaoke Done. Ish.

3. Run a marathon

4. Take a class at the trapeze school

5. Get a tattoo (x2)

6. Go to a shooting range

7. Get published

8. Learn the Single Ladies Dance (or to tap)

9. Go to Europe, preferably England, preferably involving surfing in Cornwall (ok, it was Thailand, but the point was TRAVEL!)

10. Read the Complete Poetry and Prose of Walt Whitman (1,369 pages)

11. Travel the Midwest: Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis

12. Write a 10 minute play every month in 2010

13. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC FAILFAILFAIL

14. Learn to play the guitar (not the Guitar Hero kind)

15. Take a photography class

16. Join the Dramatists Guild

17. Swim with a dolphin: Ish? Elephant?

18. Ride in a hot air balloon

19. Go skydiving

20. Dance. All. Night. Long. (rave or club-style)

21. Start a blog You’re looking at it, dude.

22. Read 100 books

23. Get a National Parks Passport stamp for every NYC area location (26-ish)

24. Attempt yoga for real; I mean meditation.

25. Buy a really really expensive bottle of something to celebrate a special occasion (or an ordinary day, Paul     Giamatti-Sideways style)

26. Eat something I never, ever, EVER thought I’d eat

27. Write myself a one-person show and have at least an informal reading of it

28. Go see monster trucks

29. Try a winter sport (skiing or snowboarding)

30. Mystery activity that I’m not ready for my mother to know about

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10 thoughts on “30×30: The List

  1. Meredith

    I love this. I will do some of these things with you! Like go to the trapeze school and a shooting range. Count me in.

  2. Melora

    Seems to me that 2, 5, 20, 21, 26 and 30 can all be accomplished in one night while drunk.

  3. I’ve done 18! H.S. graduation present from my parents. It was lovely. I’m so excited to follow along with your adventures!

  4. Donald

    I can help with #29.

  5. Steve

    I haven’t even come up with my full 35X35 list. I only have 29 things. I might steal some ideas from you, though. We are #s 5, 15, 22 and 24. Except I just need to get back into photography, having already taken the classes. And my goal is 100 plays rather than 100 books.

  6. I have ALWAYS wanted to learn to tap. And I very much intended in the last year to learn to play the guitar. I have the guitar and a tuner and everything. (but I already know how to play the guitar hero kind…and oh yes, I ROCK.

  7. Meg,

    This is a fantastic idea. Congratulations!

  8. Hey Meg,
    Happened upon your blog through your shameless hawking on facebook. Love the idea of this list.

    I can tell you that I went sky diving 5 years ago out at Sky Dive Long Island, it’s out in Calverton, probably about 1hr 15min from Manhattan. It’s run by a group of Aussies who really just love jumping out of planes. We went as a present for my 18th birthday. It starts with a quick lesson on the proper falling position, then they strap you in, attach you to an instructor (you have to do 3 tandem jumps and 2 jumps holding an instructors hand before you are certified to jump alone) and get you in a plane. I was the only one jumping at that time slot so a couple of the other guys who worked there grabbed their chutes and one guy his sky board and jumped in the plane with us. We fell out together, with a guy falling backwards filming us. It was an amazing ride and so totally worth it. I really want to do it again soon!
    Anyway, if you’re planning on doing this, I can highly recommend these guys. So much fun, an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

  9. Ash


    this idea is so cool. to make a list of things… the thing is i have a lot of ideas and almost some 6 years to turn 30.. 😉

    do u think, putting this thoughts as a list gave u more clarity and u were able to fulfil them??

    I really need some gyaan, as in tips on this!


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